Since the summer of 2012, I've set up two family history pages. The first, "The Auditores in America - 100 Years" was generally successful and covered the Auditore side of the family.

The second was "They That Go Down to the Sea", a tribute page to my great-grandfather, Austin Adams, my mother's Grandfather. This page was outstanding and remains very active. It went viral to other family members I didn't know and because of the crowd-sourcing nature of it all, we discovered that the Adams side of my family is directly descended from William Brewster, the relgious leader on the first voyage of the Mayflower in 1620.


December 2012 marked the 96th anniversary of Austin Adams going down to sea on board the schooner, "Jesse Costa" while in transit from Boston to St. John's Newfoundland.

Visit "They That Go Down To Sea - A Tribute Page to Austin Adams".

They That Go Down To Sea

2012 marked the 100th anniversary of Giuseppe Auditore's transit through Ellis Island.

Visit "The Auditores in America - 100 Years" Facebook Group.

The Auditores - 100 Years in America


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